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"Jess Tasker facilitated the purchase of my first house, the subsequent sale of it when my family outgrew it and the purchase of our second (and forever!) home. As a researcher, I appreciate an eye for detail and a thoroughly data-informed agent. Jess Tasker was on the pulse of the market, answered all questions with data and clarity, and anticipated our needs. Her keen eye for design and quality structure assured me through the two inspection processes (plus the inspection processes of the houses we decided not to buy!). Jess was available for all of my questions, and those of my husband's. On a personal note, Jess has great respect for diversity and individual needs and values. Jess understood my husband and me. Though at times my husband and I are quite different, Jess beautifully navigated (and sometimes neutralized?!) debate between us to ensure that we found the place that was perfect for the entire family. I could not more highly recommend any person to work with on the sale or purchase of a property. Her offers of support are sincere, she is always actively listening and working for her clients' best interests with the highest standards for her own professional ethics.""

- KR

"I'm a first time buyer and an architect with four bikes, seven pairs of skis, and a room full of climbing gear. Finding a nice place in a vibrant hip neighborhood, for a cost I could afford, was no easy task. Jess was super patient, and listened to my very unique needs, and guided me through the process of buying in a very difficult market. She's responsive, organized, effective and has a network of professionals you need to purchase a home including home inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, movers and everything you need. When you work with Jess you get the total package."


- TS

Working with Jess was a great experience for me! She came highly recommended by a friend, and she didn't disappoint. This was my second time purchasing a condo, and she really helped me with all of the considerations that go into moving into a different neighbourhood. Jess really made the whole process really smooth, and gave great advice on how to structure the offer in a multi-bid situation. Can't go wrong working with Jess, thanks again!

- GA

"If I wanted to buy a fishing shack, sell a factory, or anything in between, I’d try to get the help of Jess Tasker first. Our (first) purchase was made with her help, and now that it's all complete I can't imagine having worked with anyone else.In addition to being perfect with all digital correspondence (prompt, concise, helpful), her in-person presence removed all stress that comes with a first-time purchase. With the amount of research and preparation Jess puts into your property viewings, besides being efficient and fun, you really get an informative experience. And If you somehow manage to find a question she can’t answer on the spot? You’ll probably get that answer later that day.


At the end of it, we received what I would want from any professional; a passionate individual whom I can trust, with a well-tested experience and skillset." 

 - MS

"Jess listed our property for us and did a really exceptional job! We were absentee owners with a house that needed a lot of prep to bring to market. Jess provides super guidance and advice and went way, way above and beyond with her service, helping us find and manage trades. It was a long process through a pandemic and she knew exactly when it was time to get the house on the market. She got us an outcome we never could even have dreamed of. Thanks for taking our stress away, Jess, and for the cheerful, outstanding service on every level!"

 - DA & JA

"Working with Jess has been an enormous treat and I can't sing her praises enough. She guided my partner and I through buying our first house together in a horrifyingly hot market, and then found a buyer for my condo in less than a week. She's a wealth of knowledge about the home market and seems to know enough about houses that she could build one herself. Jess is a quick and clear communicator, which I'm sure is part of the reason why she's also a good negotiator. I'd buy another house just so I could work with her again, except I love the house she found me so I'm pretty sure I'll stay here a while : )"

- TG

"Jess was recommended to us by our financial advisor once we informed him of our interest to purchase our first house/investment property. My husband and I met with Jess and instantly we connected. Jess shared with us her wealth of knowledge in the real estate market and guided us in what to expect throughout our house hunting process. She was on board 100% and provided her insights, feedback and professional opinions on all the houses we viewed. We also learned a lot from her, we appreciate her honesty, her patience throughout the process, her negotiation skills, her prompt response to all our calls, emails and text messages and her genuine love for her job. Jess bargained on our behalf to make sure we got exactly what we needed. Aside from all her professional attributes, we enjoyed all the car rides and laughter we shared on all our journeys when going to view houses. She made the process fun, exciting and educational for both of us and we would recommend her without hesitation."


- AB


"My partner and I were first time home buyers, looking to move back from out of province. Jess made this process both seamless and enjoyable, even in the middle of a pandemic with 1800 kms between us. She is knowledgeable, diligent, and dedicated to her clients. She is also just an amazing human. We have enjoyed this process, found the perfect home, and are looking forward to [hopefully] crossing paths with Jess once we are back in the city! We have nothing but a glowing recommendation for her and you would be lucky to have her on your side through the home buying/selling process. Thanks again for everything Jess!"

- MH

Diane and Jeff

"We recently sold our home through Jess and we were extremely happy with her service! She is an amazing Realtor who goes above and beyond. Her knowledge and experience helped us prepare for putting our house on the market and she was there for us at every step of the process. We were super pleased with how the sale went and would highly recommend Jess!"

 - SM

"When it was time to sell my house I thought "Why do I need a realtor? I can do this." Over a month; viewings, offers, counter offers, inspections, more inspections all in our off hours with two kids. Attempted negotiations even though it was hard to hear someone pick apart our sweet little home. The offer falls through for reasons out of my control and I'm done. Just can't do it all over again. It was exhausting. 

I call Jess who helps pick me up, gets my confidence back and sells my house in two weeks! Night and day experiences. She organized everything during my work hours and called me with the updates. Jess was always available to discuss our concerns, was up to bat for our best interests and told it like it is....even if we didn't really want to hear it. She was so easy to talk to, understood our concerns and limitations and always gave us the best advice.

If you are looking for a knowledgable, organized, honest, hard working, professional and kind person on your side during a selling or purchasing process Jess is your woman."

- RL

"Jess was patient and knowledgeable throughout our house search, which lasted over two years. She went the extra mile to find homes for sale in a low-inventory market by doing letter drops and tapping into her extensive network. When it came time to make an offer, her strategy helped us to get the best possible price and terms. What I appreciated the most was her honesty- if we viewed a dog of a house she would always give her candid view. Because she used to work in carpentry, she also provided a lot of good input on the homes' condition and possible maintenance issues. I never felt that she was trying to sell us on something that didn't meet our needs. Instead she helped us find the perfect property. Would recommend her to anyone!"

- AK

"As a first time home buyer, the process of purchasing a house was both exciting and daunting. Jess made the process so seamless and enjoyable that it genuinely took the stress out of the experience. Prior to picking ‘the one’, Jess kept me up to date with the newest listings and viewed various properties with me to ensure I knew what would be a good fit.  Jess was patient with all my questions and walked me through all the steps for closing. As a bonus, Jess acted as a fantastic negotiator and was excellent communicator throughout the entire time that I worked with her. 

I am in love with my property and feel that the positive experience that lead to me acquiring the place was a large contributor. I would recommend Jess highly and without reservation."

- HB

You are so kind and helpful. As a new immigrant, I was worried about the language barrier when thinking about using a Canadian Realtor. But you proved that I was wrong. You helped me understand the policies and steps of property purchase in Canada, helped me during the whole purchase procedure and even helped me talk to the home inspector, superintendent etc. 

- HX

Jess is patient, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. She sold our house for us very quickly (in the off-season) and helped us find our dream home. She is an incredible listener and was a skilled and dedicated ally as we searched for our next home - she didn't let us settle for anything less than the perfect place and we are so grateful for her advice. We had a baby in the middle of our home search and she was diligent in watching the market for us while we were in the hospital with out daughter. She also helped out family buy their first home and, as first time Buyers, the really appreciated the time she took explaining every aspect of the process. We highly recommend Jess for families who have outgrown their current home, or first time buyers who are jumping into real estate for the first time. She kicks ass.


- AW

"Jess made buying my first home so much less stressful. She listened to me, she understood what I wanted, as well as the restrictions I had and she helped me find the right home for me. She was very knowledgeable and answered all of my many questions. I really appreciated her patience, hard work, reliability and sense of humour throughout the entire process. Thanks Jess!!!”

- VG

Jess is diligent, hardworking, and sincere. She understands your needs and will search endlessly with no pressure to find an exact fit for you. I know because I spent almost three years with her doing just that until we found the found the perfect home. That is who Jess is. You can guarantee that she’ll jump to the call when you have any questions, or need clarification. She understands that this is the single most expensive transaction you may ever make, so she walks gently with you until everything feels right.

- JB

Jess Tasker is an exceptional realtor, she is responsive, knowledgeable, honest, hardworking and friendly. Her professionalism and positive attitude made the process of selling our house and buying our dream home a breeze. She never gave us false hope or told us anything she couldn’t deliver. She worked extremely hard for us to list our home and get it sold quickly. No matter what type of home you are looking to sell or buy I would highly recommend Jess Tasker!


- MG

As first time home buyers in a hot market, we never thought we would find the right house for us at the right price, but we were wrong! Jess Tasker committed many hours of hard work educating us in what it means to be a home buyer AND home owner, and in one month we found the perfect spot for us at the right price! Jess was incredibly personable, easy to contact and great at negotiating on our behalf. She also gave very knowledgeable advice, honest opinions and respected our decisions. She knows her areas well and her background in carpentry came in handy when viewing homes. We would recommend her to anyone!

- JK

I lucked into the opportunity to work with Jess this summer to find my perfect home in a highly desirable neighborhood. Her experience working with reputable builders and extensive network of contacts including home inspectors, other Realtors, lenders, legal teams and interior design made me feel incredibly supported through all aspects of process. This was my seventh time buying a home/condo (and second time with new construction) so have worked many different Realtors. The quality I most appreciate about Jess is that whenever we met or spoke, I always felt like I was her most important client. There was no doubt that my best interest was her first priority.

- ST

After my husband passed away Jess was recommended to me by my son to help me sell my house. She gave me sound advice and walked me through every step of the process. I followed everything she told me to do, and ended up selling my house for $50,000 over asking price. She even helped calm me down when my nerves got the better of me. She was professional, kind and understanding of my situation and what I could do and couldn’t. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- TB

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Jess for several years and can’t think of a more kind and capable person to entrust such important life decisions as the purchase and sale of real estate. Jess guided us with calmness through the stress of our first home purchase in 2016, even helping us close the deal while we were 8,000km away on our honeymoon! She then helped us sell the same home five years later at almost double the original price with multiple offers. In between, she has guided us through the purchase of two more rental properties, always organized, attentive and up for a laugh along the way. We have referred her to numerous friends and family members because Jess really is the best of the best!

- ZG

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